I’ve used a number of sim titles, including:

MS Flight Simulator

Aces Over Europe

Aces of the Pacific

Red Baron

A10 Warthog

Flight Unlimited 1 & 2


Private Pilot

Pacific Fighters

Fighter Squadron

Wings of Glory

Dawn Patrol

Battle of Britain

IL2 Sturmovic Cliffs of Dover

IL2 Sturmovic

Rise of Flight

First Eagles

Scenery software in my library includes:

ORBX Australia FTX

OzX freeware airports



Isle of Man

Scilly Isles

Horizon vols 2,3,4,5,7,8

Treescapes vol 1.2.3

UK 2000 vol 1

I’ve done some enhancements using Instant scenery 2 and FSDS 3.5

Passenger Lounge



Simulator Downloads



Sim other



My first joystick was a very simple and cheap device.

I bought a CH Flightstick Pro in the 1990s, and incorporated the old stick into a set of home made rudder pedals - (no toe brakes).

Around 2008, I bought a used CH Yoke with 12 buttons, POV and 3 levers; this came with CH rudder pedals and the highly desired toe brakes. As of 2017, this continues to be my control system.

Main screen is a flat 60cm acer LED. I also have a flat 50cm acer, which acts as view from pilot’s side window.