Here’s my rendition of

Moorabbin Air Museum

 V3 For use with FTX Moorabbin Airport. I visited this many times and was a member when I lived in the area. When I bought FTX Moorabbin, I was disappointed to find the paddock empty. With help, This was made using SAMM (Static Aircraft mdl Maker) along with MCX, which converts aircraft for use in scenery. Both are marvellous freeware! I must also mention “Instant Scenery” which made placement so much easier.

This is my model of

“Galloway Princess”  with several moving parts & animated, calling gulls. OK for FSX or FS2004. Made for a web friend at Classic British Flight Sim, I used FS Design Studio 3. Originally made as a scenery object, so no interior cockpit detail, but you can sail.

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Moorabbin Air Museum


Autostrx for FSX

This pair of beauties is by Chris White, who kindly gave permission to upload here. They will introduce accurate heavenly bodies into their relevant sim. They BOTH need the msvbvm50.dll file, so make sure to take that, too.

G Princess

My Radome and buildings at Bude GCHQ

The Horizon GenX Western Isles scenery has photoreal land textures, but their Barra Airport is made from default  FSX objects. I took a particular interest in this location, and using FSDS 3.5 plus Instant Scenery2, produced this modified version, shown in 2 Youtube videos -click on 1 Or 2 to watch.



The actual file for above:

EGPR afx bgl Horizon.

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My “Pete’s Biggles shed” just a click on this arrow should do it, Pete!

Simulator stuff Sim other

Simulator stuff

Simulator other

Autostar for FS9

Simulator downloads

RR Derwent sound for Meteor. (Author unavailable.) Click on arrow to download zip.

Dave Molyneux has built a lovely

Airspeed Oxford for FS2004/FSX. Go to:

and search  for

Download - click arrows Sounds for Scorpius Leonides Hercules Alvis Leonides Twin (2).zip Bristol