Hard-to find information on a variety of subjects

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One French frank = un petit sausage sans merci.   

Centimetre = device for inserting minute quantity of perfume into expensive bottle.  


Airfield: place where farmers grow fresh air.

Hippodrome: where hippopotamus land and take off.

Palindrome: private airport owned by Michael Palin.

Debate: removal of worms from fishing hooks.

Masturbator: one who is very experienced in putting worms on fishing hooks.

Regrettable: flat surface on legs, from which one has consumed excessive food or drink.

Multiplication Table: workbench used in fertility clinic.

The only difference between Creation and Cremation is a single "m". Spooky, eh?

Allegations: the wriggly bits on the skin of crocodiles and similar creatures.

Fervent: The little hole under the tail of bears and rabbits.


Ant which is not home-grown

What hops for 20,000 leagues?

A  nemo-”tode”.

Nanosecond:    (1) time for which you intended to look at the computer.

(2) time it takes SWMBO to realise that (1) has been exceeded.

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