Why have this site anyway?

Enjoyed 14F Squadron Air Training Corps at Northolt, until emigrating to Australia in early 1964. ATC was excellent, fired a  .303 rifle, sat in a DH Chipmunk while the RAF pilot did aerobatics. This highlighted an ineptitude for the dreamed-of somersaulting through the air! My eyes would have failed me anyway. The Rolling Stones sang that “you can’t always get what you want.” I hear that Buddha realised that desire for what you don’t have, leads to unhappiness.

No, I’m not a Buddhist, but I have learnt to accept what I do have.

Something else I’ve learnt, is that it’s difficult to enjoy what you do have unless you can share it with someone; hence this project.

And the Museum?

As a youngster, I couldn’t really fathom “It is better to give than to receive.” I LOVED receiving! These days, I sincerely get more from giving or helping. Yet I do like to receive things I’ve acquired for myself! This partly explains my museum. Again, the happiness is doubled whenever a visitor shows genuine interest. Whether it’s discussing with another enthusiast, or explaining to a newcomer to aviation, talking about it is a pleasure

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Having grown up in hearing distance of Northolt airport, (UK), and daily watching the prop transport traffic, I could not help but be attracted to aircraft. Though I never had the physical or mental attributes to become air force aircrew, the desire to fly has never left.  I thought how wonderful it would be, flying in the sunshine above the seemingly constant clouds. In my 50’s, I commenced flying lessons, but did not stay on to qualify. These days, I content myself with simulators and collectibles. Hope you enjoy your “Flying Visit.”

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